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Too much and too little water: Assessing water balance in the Gandaki river Basin

24 May 2017:In order to better understand the water balance component within the Gandaki basin a J2000 hydrological…

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Contested Waters

22 May 2017:This report shows how water—a precious, unique, and finite resource—is not only contested in itself but…

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Irrigation schemes get a breath of fresh air in Pakistan

By : Zeeshan Tahir Virk

25 May 2017:In Pakistan, HI-AWARE seeks to revive abandoned irrigation schemes provided by the government, by introducing…

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Preserving tradition by adapting to the modern in Pakistan

By : Ali Kamran

15 May 2017:Through evaluation of the changing climate within the Soan River Basin, researchers assess the state…

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Farmer Managed Irrigation Systems at the Cross Roads

(11 Apr 2017-11 Apr 2017, Hotel Himalaya, Kupondol, Kathmandu)
Mapping climate, gender and socio-ecological challenges of farmer managed irrigation systems in a series of talks on April 11, 2017

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HI-AWARE inaugurates its Climate Change Certification Program

(14 Feb 2017-14 Feb 2017, Bharatpur Garden Resort)
Following the February 2016 stakeholders meet at Chitwan, HI-AWARE will inaugurate the climate change certification course at Chitwan.

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Flood affected people of Teesta

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