Infograph, 2017

Prajjwal Bhandari explores the irrigation system of Labdu Dhikure Shera, where women report of increased climatic stresses rendering the community vulnerable to climate change impacts.

Infograph, 2017

Vulnerability in South Asia is projected to increase as livelihoods continue to be jeopardised by physical factors such as resource damage, various meteorological changes and the widespread effect of water and vector-borne diseases. This infograph explores these issues.

Infograph, 2017

Given the recent #Nepal #floods it is no surprise that a large number of people have been displaced. Based on a web graphic by UN Nepal Information Platform, the number of displaced households stands at 91,000. Family members will undoubtedly move in search of better opportunities, better resources and a better way of life for their loved one.

Infograph , 2016

An infographic representation of springshed research carried out by HI-AWARE in the Gandaki Basin in Nepal. It graphically represents research methods, selection methodology and areas of action..

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